BlogHer08 Day Two Recap with Twitter Updates

Warner Brothers, Bravo and Hearst opened the day with a HybridMedia keynote. To read more, visit the BlogHer08 live conference posts.

See what I had to say on twitter about BlogHer, including a live tweet stream from the monetization panel.

In the Home and Garden breakout session, I heard about the water usage restrictions in California, how Houston doesn’t recycle, what’s going on with sustainability and what secret resources people use to blog better. 

Meeting up with Chicago  bloggers introduced me to new local connections. The closing keynote was dramatic, inspiring and real.

With four floors of drinks and refreshments, the Macy’s party was fun and ended too soon. Ever the networker, I got cards from people on the escalator on the way out and folks on the street on the way back home.

On the way to the airport, I met Kristin from Crib Ceiling. Sitting here at SFO writing this post, I overheard someone I hadn’t met – yet- at BlogHer talking about how tired she was. “I didn’t sleep, but it was worth it.” I hear you sister. Gotta go – maybe I can still find her and get to know her and her blog.

Cards from fizzy and phenomenal people I met  . . . did I miss you? Leave a comment with a link to your blog.

This Pile

Kristen King, Inkthinker

Nicole Simon

Jane Goodwin, One by One Media

Stay at Aum Mom

Marie Millard

Mommy Needs a Cocktail

Amanda Wolfs, Parents

Jenifer Scharpen, notcalmdotcom

Katherine S. Gray, The New Civilization

Celeste Lindell, Average Jane

Dana Loesch, mamalogues

Alysson TeCarr, six apart

Jessica Okui, Zakka Life

Elaine, WannabeHippie

Wendy Felton,

Erica Rios, commonsensemedia

Jeremy Pepper, PR Pro, Blogger and All-Around Nice Guy

Home and Garden

Monique Hartt,

Genie Gratto, The Inadvertent Gardener

Jesse Engle, swatchbox

Debra Roby, A Stitch in Time

Mary Hunt, In Women We Trust and The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability

Desiree Northend, LookiLoos

Julia Prodis Sulek, LookiLoos

Chicago Breakout

Jacqueline Fitzgerald, teleflora

Dana Kavan, Chicago Examiner

Tarrant Figlio,

Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

Free and Flawed

Jamie Villarreal, Oh How Lovely

Janna Porrevecchio, Weber Shandwick

Esther Crawford, faintstartlite

MJ Tam, Sugar My Bowl

Dawn Meehan, Because I Said So

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