BlogHer08 Day One

It’s Saturday morning. I’m getting ready for day two. Here’s a flashback on day one . . .

BlogHer07’s concentric circles was faster speed networking than this year’s gather around the table ice breaker. But, the conversations were better this year.

Going for something different right away, I sat in on the Birds of a Feather Meet-Up for green/social change. My credentials? I teach at The Academy for Non-Profit Excellence and our client portfolio includes non-profits. My intent? To see who’s blogging about what and how it’s working. In all, I talked to about ten people about what they do including three PR agencies, a company and one person who is passionate about plastic. That’s what I was looking for: passion. Speaking of passion, I did get to connect with Beth Kanter.

Because these types of sessions are only 40 minutes, I dropped into MommyBlogging: Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act? This one was packed. I sat in the back where the mothers were walking their babies. Somehow, the background cooing and babytalking seem more than appropriate – almost essential to the discussion.

At lunch, I sat with a small group. We talked way more than I expected. I learned that I could get a Hollywood hair makeover at the InStyle magazine site. Seriously, that’s useful information.

After lunch, I headed to What We Do: DIY Content Syndication and Promotion. The panel was good, more on the newbie side, but I did pick up some useful tips for video uploads and ways to drive traffic. If you’re going to a session in California West, sit somewhere besides directly under a recessed light.

When this session ended, I found my way to the lounge and listened to intriguing conversations about PR and mommy blogging. Sometimes the serendipitous conversations turn out to be the best. For me, that’s becoming my biggest BlogHer08 takeaway: find people to talk to you and then listen to what they have to say. That’s what I did with the rest of the day. I missed the live community keynote session, but watched it online thanks to Laura Fitton’s qik video feed.

People I had conversations with who gave me their cards . . .

J.D. Bauchery

Evan Miller, Aveda

Abbey McDonald, MOM Central

Julia Smith,

Anna Barrett Way Out Wax

Ann Melkesstian, GolinHarris

Mary Anderson, expansion plus

Beth Terry, fake plastic fish

Take Back the Filter – ask Clorox to take back and recycle BRITA filters

Brie Grey-Noble

Leanne Jakubowski, Disney Destinations

Deborah Hamilton


Kimberly Schrock

Amanda Herbert, Scholastic

Erin Riley

Andrea R. M. Meyers

Staci Boden

Greenopolis, a green social network

Scott Rosenberg

Dimi Berkner, Jossey-Bass

Susan Getgood, Marketing Roadmaps

Soapbox Mom

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Mary Pencek, Cuvaison

Ann-Marie Nichols, The Write Spot

Melanie Notkin, Savvy Auntie

Did we meet and I missed you? Add your name and link in the comment section.

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