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September 22, 2006

To: <$firstname$>

From: Barbara Rozgonyi

Ahoy, <$firstname$>!

Whew! Just got back
to my office after a
day watching the
illustrious Randy Gage
peform/present and

Here’s a guy who
commands major
keynotes, makes
millionares and
millions, spends
as much on clothes
as other people do
on condos, flies so
much he’s topped
out at every
frequent flier level
this year alone,
is known for his
effusive generosity
and is speaking to
sold out crowds in
opera houses in
Russia and the
Ukraine – thanks
to bootleggers. 

Like most of the
National Speakers
Illinois Chapter

luncheons, this
one was a knock-out. 

Watch for a blog post
that recaps what I
learned in Randy’s
6 hour presentation.

Speaking of my blog,,
I got pinged by
a pirate social
network this week.

Don’t worry,
I wasn’t injured,
I still have
all my booty
and my ship
cruised into
fresh waters.

Tuesday was
Talk Like a
Pirate Day.

When I saw the
promo on the Yahoo!
Homepage, I couldn’t
resist writing a post
called "Talk Like a
Pirate Day:
PR Takeaways."

Like long white cat
fur on baggy black
jeans, my post showed
up all over the place.

How’s a 10/310 ranking
in a blog search
for a post made on a whim?

Being pinged by a
pirate social network –
that means they
commented on my story –
hoisted my post up to the crow’s nest.   


How is this relevant to you
– or me – you ask, <$firstname$>!?

The lesson is: there’s a social
network for everyone –
even pirates – that’s
waiting to be tapped
into in the blogsphere.

If you’re not a blogger,
that’s okay. Writing and
posting public commentary
doesn’t work for
everyone or every business.

You can be a blog reader,

Here’s how . . .

Go to Google and type
in blogs: your topic.

What do you want to
know more about –
dogs, cooking, marketing,
sales, vacations, pirates?

FYI, I’m researching a
best of blogs list for you.

Think about the PR
possibilities blogs offer:
a mention or endorsement
by someone who’s
perceived as a
subject expert
within their community –
they promote your
product for you to
the blog captain’s
loyal crew.

Posting comments
to a blog ships your
story to a new breed
of publishers and
captures search engine

With today’s diverse
array of PR outlets
and packaging possibilities
to choose from, it can be
difficult to cast off
and even harder
to set your story sailing.

Over the course of the
week, several people
shared their PR
voyages with me.

One created a contest
to give away thousands
of dollars in consulting
services, but the press
wasn’t interested.
With no coverage,
the contest was cancelled.

Another sent a local
release to a national
distribution list and
ticked off a few editors.
Not good.

One lucky person
was getting media
attention, but doesn’t
have a product to sell
so there’s no treasure
coming in.

What’s your experience
with PR, <$firstname$>?

Do you fall into one of these categories?

-I have no clue about PR –
what does that stand for?

-I’ve tried sending press
releases and I get no response.

-I get lots of hits on, but no orders.

-I paid an agency thousands
of dollars for releases
that got limited exposure.

PR isn’t rocket science,
but it is tricky to navigate
any body of uncharted waters
on your own.

Just ask Jack Sparrow –
or a seminar marketer
who has several audiences
to reach, deadlines to
meet and mega seats to fill.

I got my start in the
marketing world as an
inside sales rep for
Dun & Bradstreet’s
Plan Services division.
We planned and presented
a few dozen seminars
a year in cities throughout
the Midwest.

Sending out press releases
wasn’t in our marketing mix.

Filling the seats in the last
few days often called for
laborious hours on the
phone to every prospect
in the region.

Now, there’s a better way.

Next Wednesday, September 27,
Jenny Hamby, the Seminar
Marketing Pro will grill me
on "How to Fill Seminar Seats
Using the Power of Free Publicity."
If you know Jenny, you’ll know
why I’m thrilled to have her
interview me. She’s one of the
best copywriters in the business.

Check it out at

Busy that day?

We’re recording the
call; order your mp3 at

Wishing You Clear Skies and Smooth Selling ~


P.S. Talk to me – type what’s on
your mind in response to my
post on our interactive blog:

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