Rethinking The Wealthy Mind

Late this afternoon, I got a call from someone who found me on the Internet.

When I hear that comment, it’s my cue to ask, "Tell me. . . exactly where did you find me on the Internet?"

One place I forgot about is The Wealthy Mind trainer site.

This caller wanted to know where they could find a list of my 2007 workshops.

Workshops? What workshops?

And here I thought the caller needed marketing or PR consulting . . .

Slowly, I put the conversation’s puzzle pieces in place: universal cycles of change, NLP, wealthy something, California.

Eventually, I came up with the answer, The Wealthy Mind Trainer site.

Here’s how I became a Wealthy Mind trainer. . .

In 2003, I left my family for the first time in 17 years to get away. (In my corporate life, my contract required me to be up in the air at least 40% of the time – that was BK [before kids])

My destination?
Burlingame, California

My purpose(s)?
To . . .  reveal my Wealthy Mind, walk on the beach in the wind, rediscover my inner nomad, sip coffee all by myself, drape my motherly persona for a few days, bargain in Chinatown for green amber, cruise on the freeway with Mick singing in the background – and to watch my niece and her husband on stage.

My discoveries
The first few days were so magical I stayed longer than I’d planned to take the Wealthy Mind trainer’s training. A misty, twisty turny drive down to Half Moon Bay with fog cloaking the scenery was scary; an old time gospel show on the radio played a song, "The Lord is on the Television" to let me know that God is indeed everywhere. Japanese people find Americans to be quite curious – why do sell candy with coffee? why do our kids stay home or come home so early? And, Kris and Tim are revered by their students, deservedly so.

My plan
At the time, I envisioned conducting Wealthy Mind seminars at least once a month. I made a run at it and hosted one training. One of my students said the experience was better than his time with Tony Robbins in Hawaii. But, I found different things to do.

Back to the call . . .

When the caller didn’t recognize the names Kris Hallbom and Tim Hallbom, I knew they weren’t familiar with the co-directors of the NLP and Coaching Institute of California and their presence in the international NLP community. That’s okay, in fact it’s good because this program knows no boundaries.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take me more than a few seconds to switch over from talking like a marketing consultant to communicating like a Wealthy Mind trainer.

In these few hours afterwards, I’ve been reliving my own Wealthy Mind experiences. In all, I’ve been through the course three times and the training twice.

Although I am not an NLP practitioner, I believe the program transcends any definition from its foundations in science, NLP and quantum physics.

My personal connection to the NLP and Coaching Institute of California?
Kris is my niece – and technically, Tim is my nephew-in-law.

Thanks to the caller who jogged my memories and my interest in training again – and to Kris and Tim for the inspiration and their love of training and guiding their students to create the life they want in so many places around the world.

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