52 Open Houses and Counting:: A Soothing Seranade to Cap Them Off

Tonight the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus gave away a most precious gift – a private concert just for the parents.

I’ve lost track of how many parent orientations and open houses we’ve been to in September. [I can tell you that going to every soccer game this week easily ate up 10 hours or so.]

Altogether, we’ve sat through over 20 teacher presentations and at least 5 club orientations. What did we learn?

[I’m just reporting on the more amusing comments – all in all we have a dedicated and talented group of teachers this year and I’m excited to watch the progress in action.]

One teacher likes to eat burning birthday candles – in front of the class. Another takes pride in hurling bowling balls off of bleachers. And, you’ll be happy to know that married couples achieve – let’s just say bliss – at 27 years of marriage. There were the two captains that admitted they liked to talk about the competition and dress up to do so. And on and on.

Tonight was our last open house/orientation. What a pleasure it was to be serenaded by an exceptional chorus – one of the world’s finest – in a church surrounded by friends and people I’ll come to know.

Sitting there, I wondered how the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus could interact with The Sole of Africa project. After all our singers will be touring in Africa next summer. If they could perform with Barenaked Ladies could they also be on stage with Sting?

We’ll see, but for now it’s rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Thanks to Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus for making a mundane night one out of the ordinary.

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