Personal Branding for Affiliate Marketers ASW11

On Monday, I participated in a panel discussion about personal branding for affiliate marketers at Affiliate Summit West 2011 in Las Vegas. Thanks to Marty Fahncke, our moderator, for suggesting we hand out an action guide. Here’s a picture of our panel. That’s Marty, Jim Kukral, me [Barbara Rozgonyi] and Geno Prussakov. All speakers received complimentary event registration. Here’s our action guide . . .

Leverage your Personal Brand for Affiliate Success

Many successful affiliate marketers transcend the brands they represent and become a brand themselves. Learn how they turned their face, personality and reputation into affiliate success.

Panelists: Geno Prussakov, Barbara Rozgonyi, Jim Kukral
Moderator: Marty M. Fahncke

Personal Branding for Affiliate Marketing Success Action Guide

Geno Prussakov 5 Points of Personal Branding

1. Authenticity and Unique Promise of Value

2. Remember 3 Rs: Reachable, Responsive, Real

3. Forget Charisma, Remember 3 Is: Inspirational, Intellectual, Individualized

4. Build Bridges

5. Be Courageous & Prepared

Barbara Rozgonyi How to use the power of free publicity to leverage your personal brand into affiliate sales

1.   Words – communicate in their language with an SEO accent

Tools I mentioned: Wordle to gauge keywords and SEO Scribe [affiliate link here and in how to use SEO Scribe with WordPress video] to analyze WordPress blog posts

2.   Intentions – be their buyer, their resource, their connection

3.   Routes – why PR is the most overlooked and fastest express route

4.   Experiences – storytelling makes connections that make sales

5.   Design – repurpose and repackage content within an elegant model

Marty Fahncke Personal branding success action items

1.   Write, and be written about

2.   Speak and be spoken about

3.   Be seen online

4.   Be seen offline

5.   Borrow social influence

Jim Kukral 5 Personal branding perspectives

1. Trust is required. Do you have it?

2. Nobody cares that you’re a middleman as long as you give them what they need

3. When you solve people’s problems, you win

4. Content, content, content

5. Make more content

Jim challenged us to go from writing and blogging to diversifying content with video and podcasts. How do you diversify your content?

Here’s my ASW11 presentation – all images from Paris . . .

Personal Branding and Free Publicity for Affiliate Marketers

What personal branding characteristics are most important to you as a marketer – or a buyer?

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