Video Messaging | Newfound Ways to Channel via Cellphones, Sites, Blogs

Cellphones Growing on Web as a Way to Keep Up Image, a story about how

The social networking phenomenon is leaving the confines of the personal computer. Powerful new mobile devices are allowing people to send round-the-clock updates about their vacations, their moods, or their latest haircut.”

mentions several tools, including kyte.

According to the site . . .

kyte allows anybody to create their own interactive TV channel on their website, blog, social network or mobile phone

With kyte, you create your own live TV shows and broadcast them on your own interactive channel, on your website, blog, social network or mobile phone. You can share your kyte channel with your friends and collaborate with them so that they can also be a part of your shows, by adding their own content, by voting and by chatting live with other viewers. With kyte, you can share your experiences live with the world and be the star, director and producer of your own live TV channel, wherever you are and however you want.

Too bad Kyte isn’t available for my Treo yet, but I may test out the presentation tools in kyte’s produce a show center that let you drop in music, images, video and even a user poll and then publish it live. Did I mention this is all free?


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