More Vine than Instagram Shares on Twitter

vine-instagram-twitter-sharesAs measured by Topsy, there are now more Vine shares than Instagram shares on Twitter. Vines are six second stop motion [if you like] videos. Download the Vine app for iPhone or Android.

WebProNews breaks down the numbers on how vine shares top instagram shares on twitter:
On Friday, 2.5 million links to were shared on Twitter, compared to approximately 2.2 million links to Over the past few days, Vine shares have remained more frequent than Instagram shares.

We’d love to see your Vines – inviting you to share links in the comments section.

At Topsy, you can view a list of top Instagram and Vine shares like this one: Dick Van Dyke dancing with penguins from Mary Poppins with a Soulja Boy soundtrack vine.

[Personal Note: Dick is also a Danville High School alum. Here’s a post I wrote about going back to visit DHS in Danville.]

For what’s happening with brands and vines, check out vines of the Week from like Target’s Summer Up vine.

Planning a summer getaway? Check out how Jack Dorsey vined his trip up the Bay Bridge.

How do you use Vine in your marketing – or your personal – sharing?

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