Marketer of the Month 13 Most Marketable Actions

Yesterday I competed in a marketing contest. I did not win first prize. But, I entered. Being selected as one of top three presenters was winning enough for me.

During my presentation, I invited everyone there to come over here and leave a comment about their marketing success. You can, too.

Thanks to Steve Sipress, founder of Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs – a local GKIC [Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle] chapter, for hosting the contest.

We had three minutes to present our case. I handed out this list. Which one is the most marketable to you?

Marketer of the Month Competition – 13 Most Marketable Actions

by Barbara Rozgonyi, CEO of CoryWest Media, LLC; publisher of, founder of Social Media Club Chicago and GKIC Peak Performers member

1. Contributed to in an article “Unlock the Secrets of LinkedIn” that’s been shared over 8,100 times via social media

2. Crafted a PRWeb press release for a client with excellent results

3. Featured in two of AmEx Open Forum’s social media 2012 for business articles

4. Surveyed my newsletter readers to find out how I could help them grow their business – feel free to contribute!

5. Tapped to speak at the Women’s Dream Conference, a major PR firm’s diversity seminar and a national association’s Midwest privacy conference

6. Entered the Infusionsoft Infusioncon Bloggers in Motion contest

7. Kicked off a “Barb Wired” segment for ChicagonistaLive! to air monthly

8. Added five how-to videos to my YouTube channel

9. Recruited guest bloggers via social media and snagged a site for CEOs as a guest contributor

10. Created a presentation to share with prospective sponsors and advertising partners

11. Started a Pinterest resource guide on that now has over 1500 views and over 60 resources  How to use Pinterest for small businesses.

12. Created a marketing plan for my radio show launching in April – stay tuned!!!

13. Competed for Marketer of the Month!!!


Hat tip to Sean McGinnis for inspiring the “most” concept.

What would be on your most marketable actions list?

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