9 Innovative Marketing Tactics for Public Speakers and Small Businesses


I’ll never know everything I need to know about marketing. That’s why I study what other people do that works. Especially people like Ford Saeks whose clients include Randy Gage who talks about prosperity and business.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Ford talk about marketing for speakers and small business at our local NSA chapter.

“Adapt, don’t adopt,” is how he suggested the audience apply innovative marketing ideas for public speakers and small businesses  like these . . .

1. add a services and resources page, consulting isn’t enough – you need a product line that gives people options

2. offer your articles to associations [I did this today as a series]

3. put a call to action on every web page

4. make a video for influencers to show decision makers

5. set up a news and media center and keep it stocked and current

6. evaluate your real competition – who or where else do your prospects spend their money?

7. check out the keywords your site ranks for with the Google Keyword Tool

8. give away your own product in exchange for information, a good reminder – especially the “your own product” part

9. think of how you add value, not how you make the sale

That’s the marketing side. Now for the speaker side . . . several times throughout his talk, Ford “pulled the curtain back” to tell us how he was relating to the audience, positioning his services and capturing interest.

For me, one of the biggest takeaways was Ford’s story. If you’ve seen him speak, you know it. If you haven’t, watch Ford tell it in this video from his Prime Concepts YouTube channel. Follow Ford on twitter @Prime_Concepts.

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