Blogs as Lead Generators

Are you a blogger? If not, maybe you should be. Here’s a clip from a Yahoo! News article called “Blogs Are Put to Use as Business Machines:”

Creating your own blog helps spark publicity and enhances a company’s credibility, says Andy Sernovitz, chief executive of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, which is based in Chicago. “People are already talking about you and your business right now on social networks and blogs. If you want it to be positive, you need to jump in and participate,” he said.

If blogs drive people to your Web site, it boosts business, Sernovitz says. “In a word-of-mouth world, the No. 1 source of product recommendation is people like us, not professional reviewers or Consumer Reports,” he said. “The overwhelming majority of purchases, close to 60 or 70%, is based on people turning to friends.”

Blogging works for me as a way to reach new audiences, connect with other bloggers and write about what’s on my mind. Because it’s free and offers so many options, WordPress is the preferred blogging platform for most internet marketers I know. Plus, Google loves WordPress.


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