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Last Saturday, a mystery caller left messages at my office and on my cell phone. She was trying to track me down to thank me for an article. I returned her call, but haven’t heard back. So, I don’t know which one she liked.

Reader feedback keeps you going and on track. Posting to a blog with viewer stats gives you clues to “best-selling” articles in real time. WordPress’ dashboard reports stats on referrers, number of views and click-throughs.

Here’s a list of search engine terms people used to find Wired PR Works yesterday. . .

Click on the image to enlarge it. A week’s worth of search engine terms follows at the end of the article – no numbers, just terms.  

Here’s how you can profit from your blog’s search term statistics . . .

– match key search terms to your categories, content and post titles to see what’s attracting the traffic and adjust categories [and your topic coverage] to draw additional viewers

– check your page rank for the search term, if you like the positioning, keep posting and nurture a community

– follow a few experts you like and cover their latest news on your blog with an affiliate link to their products, where appropriate

– chart changes in terms over a few weeks and readjust your writing plans on a monthly basis to add depth and consistency

– respond quickly with updates to most popular stories as they age so they appear fresh, not stale

– when you do a search for one of your search terms and it comes up on the light side, write a post or two and claim the search space as your own if you want that traffic

– promote the charities you support with a donation link, especially when they may not have a high page ranking site of their own

– search other blogs to see who’s writing about the same topics you are, check out their blog, comment on a few posts and then email the blogger to request a reciprocal blogroll posting

– type in the search term and see what else comes up; you may be surprised to find you own an obscure term that could generate some faithful traffic

– use the blog’s search term stats as a traffic estimator for new projects

Here’s my list of search terms from the last week . . .

Search Views
pirate day kindergarten
nintendo wii at kmart
2007 halloween retail 
project mindshare 31 
Marc Harty – Traffic from PR & Web 2.0 
ultimate pr challenge
David Rozgonyi
“marketing tricks” +gorilla +video 
how did elvis get famous?
“list and found”

Search Views
cartoon network stunt
lakhani become an expert
nintendo wii kmart 
wii at sears 
kitchen design american foursquare 
mike woo-ming “big seminar”
alex mandossian teleseminar secrets 
Nintendo Wii online marketing influencer 
cartoon network publicity stunt
how to get media coverage from a publici 
ultimate challenge video abe lincoln 
“list and found”
blogsphere forecast 
kitchen redo

Search Views
ezine theme wordpress 2007 
wired writing
wealthy mind international 
sears + wii
i learned the truth at 17 that love was 
wii sears
dove ads 
dove ad age 
sears wii rss 
little caesar’s commercials on youtube 
Wii Sears
cartoon network ads 

Search Views
Marc Harty pr 
Sad videos on youtube – tributes 
public relations planning cartoon 
Nintendo Wii creatives
mega challenges
“john drury” chicago als 
racy text messages ideas 
live traffic video cam glen ellyn il 
dixie chicks 

Search Views
symbols in budweisers king crab commerci 
biggest publicity ever
“Dick Desich” replay 
mega essays entry 
steve irwin youtube videos 
22 rules of public relations 

Search Views
charity statistics in dupage county il 
movie public relations seminar
Jenny Hamby

 Well, what’s your conclusion? Thanks for leaving your comments below!


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