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Today’s Wall Street Journal also features this chart in a story called “What’s the Hindi Word for Dot-Com?” by Christopher Rhoads about a new development that happens on Monday: domain suffixes will translate into native languages. No more .com, .net or .org. Wanting to know where the Internet world is going? Visit Internet World Stats.

Here’s this week’s Marketing Transformations Network News article. Thanks to Andrew for checking in from AP Link to see if I had any ideas about Universal languages based on images for Second Life. I sent over these resources, not one a perfect match. Moving away from a myriad of languages into universal access images as an alternative means of communication makes sense.

Universal language translator in Second Life

Background on International Languages

Blog for Second Life Business Communicators


Ezine Article: Universal Marketing Communications: How to Communicate in Multiple Languages

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media,LLC

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Even if all of your real life customers all reside within your country, county or state, if you are online, your audience is global. There’s no getting around Google to position your site just to your zip code.

Business bloggers get it. They write to contribute to a global conversion. Still, it can be surprising, not to mention flattering, when someone comments on your blog in another language.

Business owners who expand their reach and influence beyond borders are leaders, experts and moneymakers. Read this article to find out how to speak to the world in a more than one language.

1. Offer an instant translator plug-in on your site or blog to make international visitors feel welcome right away.

2. Translate your site or most frequently requested pages into several languages. Use a professional translation service to make sure your message is clear.

3. Be sensitive to being a global citizen with neutral communications that appeal to universal situations, not just those that apply in your country.

4. Realize that your patriotism may work in your favor – or against you. [Hint: this goes for countries, sports teams and regions of the country.]

5. Play up your specialties for specific markets: entrepreneurship is popular everywhere.

6. Seek out new areas of influence that may have more room for growth than your own backyard.

7. On your blog or your site, break out your content in headlines and bullets with clear navigation and graphics that emphasize important points.

8. Ask someone who speaks another language to test your site and let you know if they understand the navigation and call to action.

9. Record a video and have a translator do a voice over or better yet, run subtitles in other languages. Then, post it on YouTube and Google Video.

10. If you have a blog, connect with bloggers on other continents by sending them an email and asking them about your type of business or service and how people use it there.

11. Research trends in other countries and write a white paper on how your product or service helps.

12. Visit other countries and meet with business people while you’re there.

13. Contact business organizations in other countries and offer to be an exchange resource.

14. Host a gathering of college students from other countries to learn more about their culture.

15. Use short sentences. Write at a fifth grade level. Test your copy on a third grader.

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An in-demand publicist, professional speaker and marketing communications consultant since 1990, Barbara Rozgonyi is grounded, edgy and prophetic. “Panoramic PR,” Barbara’s latest project, compresses everything she knows into an affordable, manageable course that teaches small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches and anyone else who wants more free publicity how to get completely covered by being fully exposed. Claim a free report and get automatic articles like this one at Power PR Secrets.

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