Friday PSA | Pink for October | National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Update 10.17.07 – See the list of 670 sites going Pink for October 

Every Friday, Wired PR Works features a charity with a complimentary Public Service Announcement post. Because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m joining in with Pink for October , an online grassroots cooperative dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness.

While I’m still attempting to blush up my blog, if you’d like to glow pink, check out these top 10 Pink For October redesigns.

Have to admit I’m a little late in the game on this one. It is, after all October 12. But, I’m no latecomer to breast cancer awareness. When I was four, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and given not long to live. She said she made a pact with God to let her live long enough see me go to college. And, she did. Fighting the disease for 14 years made her case unlikely enough to make it into the university hospital’s record books.

In searching for a site to share with you, I found these three:

Read personal stories: MyBreastCancerNetwork

Give and learn: National Breast Cancer Foundation

Donate and share: Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization

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