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media-kits-bloggersA media kit is a must. But, lots of bloggers [and businesses!] don’t have one. That’s why I went to this session. This is one in a series of BlogHer13 posts.

Jolawn Victor, the BlogHer13 media kit presenter, walked us through the media kit for her blog, Spelhouselove.

I’m also including a media deck I used to get a sponsorship.

Here are my notes; apologies to Jolawn for not catching every one of her great ideas. To get the full recap, read the BlogHer13 Media Kit for Bloggers presentation transcript here.

Media Kit Presentation for Bloggers

Your media kit is a visual resume for your blog. It’s your pitch deck and gives sponsors what they need to know about you.

Jolawn values design. That’s why her media kit is so attractive. It’s also well organized into four sections:

  1. about my readers
  2. about me
  3. spelhouseLove stats and
  4. sponsor opportunities. 

Presentation is important for two reasons: it helps you articulate values and lets the brand determine if you are the right fit.

It’s okay to talk about who you are; brands like to see how you tell your story. Include a headshot, screenshot, logo and great images.

You may also want to include your top three posts with the most comments. Links to social media platforms are a must, as are demographics and stats. But, only highlight the social media channels you are active on.

Sponsors will be interested in web stats like page views, time on site, new visits, organic search traffic and bounce rate.

If your bounce rate is over 50%, don’t include it. You [and prospective sponsors] can find information about who comes to your blog on Alexa and Quantcast. Use sites like Google Analytics and Getclicky to provide more information.

If your blog is newer, highlight your growth rate not specific numbers.

Jolawn says, “What you ask for will determine what you get.” This is so true. See what other sites like yours are offering so that you’re not too high or too low.

To find out who to send your media kit to, look for the PR company on the brand’s news releases. You can also send your PR kit to Chicago’s 25 biggest PR companies.

Add your contact information at the beginning and the end.

Be proactive in sending your kit out. Customize it for special brands and tell them how you would make the partnership come alive. Talk about the types of programs you’re worked with and the results.

Here’s an example of a brand sponsor kit that worked for me.

Do you have media kit for your blog?


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