Coyote Runs PR Campaign for Quiznos

Media Post’s Marketing Daily tells the story “Quiznos Delivers PR Hero After Coyote Invades Chicago Store.”

Writer Kevin Ransom points out how Quiznos played up the incident, tied it into a new product, routed attention to an animal charity and followed through on the coyote’s release.  

Here’s a clip . . .

“After the unusual event, the company quickly issued a press release quoting Steve Provost, Quiznos’ Executive Vice President/Corporate Marketing Officer, as saying: ‘We’ve certainly been looking to expand our customer base and appeal to different demographics, and it appears that we have hit a chord with the animal kingdom. This has never happened before; we can only think that [the coyote] must have been attracted to our new Prime Rib on Garlic Bread [pictured in this post] and its above-average portions of meat. One thing is for sure, this coyote clearly has excellent taste.'”

This morning, Quiznos’ coyote scored the cover of the Chicago Tribune’s Metro West section with a color photo of Adrian, the coyote, being released in Barrington Hills – a northern suburb.  Read the Chicago Tribune’s coverage online. 

A Google search shows the coyote’s stop at Quiznos in Chicago’s loop made headlines in many cities, including Denver and Atlanta – those are early returns. 

So, why isn’t the release on Quiznos public relations site?


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