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Teleseminars as PR Tools

How to Turn Your Phone into a Profitable Publishing Platform

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media

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Looking for a simple, low-tech way to reach your target market? If you can dial a phone, you can conduct a teleseminar. Calling into a conference line, talking, recording your call and then packaging the content for release to the right audience positions you as a subject matter expert. In this article, you’ll discover the ten steps you need to take to turn your phone into a publishing platform that generates prospects and ongoing revenue.

1. Select a Teleseminar Topic

What do people want to know more about? What makes you an authority? If you’re not the authority, interview a panel of experts.

2. Map out a Teleseminar Call Format

Will this be a how-to, interview or case study? Can callers ask questions or will lines by muted? Set up series of calls to spread the experience and the content out over several weeks.

3. Script Your “Show”

Lead in music brands the call as a program. Adding another voice on the call, as an introducer, co-host, guest or narrator enhances the tone and content.

4. Secure a Teleconference Bridge Line

Free conference call providers allow you to schedule the call, let everyone be on the line at once, record it and store it online. You and your callers pay long-distance charges. Professional teleseminar presenters prefer to reserve a paid conference call bridge line that offers higher quality and better reliability.

5. Invite Listeners

Which communication channel works best for your audience? Start here and then consider layering marketing via email, direct mail, news releases, blog posts, joint venture partners, online event services, you guest’s communication routes and Google AdWords.

6. Record Your Teleseminar Content

If you’re a beginner, think about engaging a professional sound engineer to record the call, adjust sound levels and edit out pauses and special offers for live call listeners only. Use Sony SoundForge software to record the call and edit it yourself.

7. Transcribe Your Teleseminar Content to an Ebook

Once the call is complete, send the recording to a transcription service. An hour-long teleseminar translates into a 50 page ebook. String a few of these together, edit and the content and you have enough information to self-publish a manual or an ebook to either sell or offer as a promotion.

8. Offer Teleseminar Replays

Sometimes you want to offer replays for free: a 30 minute recording is enough time to introduce you and your concepts to listeners and works to advance them from a preliminary relationship into a repeat buyer.

9. Moneytize Your Teleseminar Content

Package the content as downloadable mp3s, CDs or ebooks and sell it on your site, at ebay or on Check your competition to see what’s selling and at what price, then sell yours for more as a higher value or less as an introductory or quick start program.

10. Repeat

Producing the teleseminar is relatively easy: you need a phone and a recording device. You can even produce the teleseminar for playback to a live audience. Marketing and promoting teleseminars takes some planning – repeating and refining your process makes for a finely crafted, highly valued listener experience.

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