Studies: PR Research Drives Business + IM-Blogging Influence Purchases

Let’s get studious. . . stats and results you might enjoy.

PR Research Drives Business – How About Yours?

IPR, the Institute for Public Relations, reports on ways public relations research drives business results. Download IPR’s report and learn how you can use PR measurement systems in six case studies.

From the Institute of Public Relations . . .

Most communicators “worry more about ‘how’ to do the measurement than about ‘what’ to do with the results once you have them,” say the authors. “We suggest that you remove the term ‘measurement’ from the equation altogether, and replace it with ‘data-driven decision-making.’”

You Must Be Seen in New Media

When I sent this link to a client, they called to thank me. Now, I’m sharing this news I got from MediaPost about a BIGResearch report on new media  with you. Here’s a quick clip:

When compared to a year ago, Instant Messaging and Blogging experienced double digit growth for purchase influence of electronics while Broadcast TV and Cable showed a double digit decline. Not only is influence of new media growing, it is much more influential among minority groups, says the report. Influence of new media is higher for Hispanics and African Americans across all new media forms compared to all adults.

Your Turn to Talk

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