Best Picture Goes to The Social Network

Last night, The Social Network won four Golden Globe awards, including best picture. You’ll find highlights below. And, you’re invited to check out my  The Social Network review and interview. You can also visit The Social Network site and download the screenplay. What do you think? Is The Social Network the best movie of 2010?

“The Social Network” is a story of digital life, but it’s a tale told with a somewhat classic approach. And that’s the reason the film is continuing to resonate with moviegoers and with awards season voters, according to the Golden Globe winning composer of the film’s soundtrack, Trent Reznor, who created the movie’s sonic template with fellow winner Atticus Ross. “It’s not a movie about Facebook,” Reznor said. “It’s about creativity and consequences. It’s about people.” Source: Golden Globes Trent Reznor on The Social Network Creativity and Consequencse

Golden Globes Backstage Interview Highlights

After watching the video, I typed out these highlights. Who knew typing on a computer could be so dramatic?

The film resonated with older people who have been through starting something who know that the fantasy of success isn’t exactly as it first appears. Younger people look at Mark as a rock star who mows down the competition.

The film crossed the $200M mark worldwide this weekend.

Over the weekend, more people in Japan saw The Social Network movie than have Facebook accounts.

Facebook started out as a “cordial adversary” to become “very good friends” with The Social Network.

Mark is an incredibly gracious protagonist and allowed them to use his life to make a drama as a vessel to tell a story. This is not a biography and is not meant to be a documentary.

Lesson: Build something, start something, start your own thinking, do the thing you want to do

New York Times Golden Globe Award Winners Slide Show

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