Junta42 Announces Content Marketing Blog List

Junta 42 Top Blogs - Content Marketing Blogs

Looking for content marketing blogs to follow? Junta42 just announced their latest list. Congrats to Lee Odden, Brian Solis and David Meerman Scott for earning the top three spots. Here’s how Junts42 ranked 431 content marketing blogs

Top Content Marketing Blog Rating Factors

In ranking the top content marketing blogs, Junta42 considers several factors.

  • Number of content marketing posts in last quarter. Blogs posting on 3 or more days per week received the highest number of points.
  • Amount of value add to the collective body of knowledge about content marketing.
  • Google PageRank, measured on the same day.
  • Previous Ranking.

Junta42 Content Marketing Blog List January 2011

Browse the top 42. Review the complete list of 431 content marketing blogs.

1 TopRank Blog
2 PR 2.0 (Brian Solis)
3 Web Ink Now
4 Convince and Convert
5 Copyblogger
6 Social Media Examiner
7 Grow
8 Influential Marketing Blog
9 Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
10 Conversation Agent
11 Marketing Experiments
12 Jeff Korhan
13 Sparksheet
14 ReelSEO
15 ConverStations
16 Post Advertising
17 Conversation Marketing
18 Marketing Interactions
19 Mack Collier
20 FASTforward Blog
21 Ducttape Marketing
22 Logic+Emotion
23 B2B Ideas@Work Blog
24 The Search Agents
25 eMedia Vitals
26 Social Media Explorer
27 No man is an iland
28 B2B Bloggers
29 Freelance Copywriters Blog
30 Simple Marketing Blog
31 Straight Talk with Nigel Hollis
32 Digital Marketing Blog
33 Windmill Networking
34 big star content
35 Drew’s Marketing Minute
36 Campaign Monitor
37 Vertical Measures
38 Web Analytics World
39 White Paper Pundit
40 Vertical Leap
41 IdeaLaunch
42 Site Booster

What you can do with the top content marketing blog list

Make a twitter list, set up an RSS feed and follow the conversation.

Curate a weekly or monthly “best of” from the best for your blog.

Interview the writers behind the blog and bring their voices into your blog.

Comment on these blogs and add your voice to the discussion.

Compare your blog’s placement and set goals to rank higher next quarter.

Add the Junta42 badge to your blog and your bio – when you get listed.

Recommend a blog to Junta42 for consideration.

What blogs do you rely on for must-read marketing and PR information?