Pick Up Three 2017 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch

b2b-marketing-trends-2017-wiredprworksWhat will be big in B2B marketing trends in 2017?

SnapApp asked 73 top marketers to:

List 3 trends B2B marketers can leverage to break through the noise in 2017?

You can read all 219 B2B marketing trends here.

Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends

Here's a quick snapshot of the most common marketing trends mentioned:

  1. Video marketing (live streaming)
  2. Marketing automation
  3. Interactive content and visual storytelling
  4. Personalization
  5. Account based marketing
  6. Artificial intelligence/ machine learning
  7. Influencer marketing
  8. Sales enablement
  9. Closed loop attribution and reporting
  10. Strategy

And, here's my take . . .

Barbara Rozgonyi

CEO at CoryWest Media

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  1. Influence

Influencer marketing is hot, hot, hot. Who can you hand your brand to in 2017? Check out how to use micro-influencers to build brand engagement.

  1. Collaboration

Silos get busted in 2017. Up springs a collaboration chorus featuring HR, marketing, sales, PR, customer service - and community -  together to broadcast the B2B brand experience in 360 surround sound in 3D: digital, direct and dynamic.

  1. Event Engagement

B2B event budgets will expand beyond the display costs into funding live engagement opportunities to introduce a spectrum of opportunities before, during and after the event. Influential speakers become corporate spokespersons.

I'm honored to be included in the company of many legendary marketers I admire and follow. Here's the list.

• Joe Pulizzi
• Sujan Patel
• Michael Brenner
• Jayson DeMers
• Mandy McEwen
• Brian Carter
• Ann Handley
• Sam Hurley
• Lee Odden
• Arnie Kuenn
• Amanda Maksymiw
• Pam Neely
• Kathryn Hawkins
• Tom Pick
• Ben Cocke
• Ian Cleary
• Marcus Sheridan
• James Norquay
• Matti Lintulahti
• Barbara Rozgonyi
• Loz James
• Nigel Temple
• Andy Crestodina
• Chris Makara
• April Dunford
• Meagen Eisenberg
• Nathan Whitington
• Chad Pollitt
• Mike Lieberman
• Rick Ramos
• Bernie Borges
• Ashley Zeckman
• Chris Grant
• Sarah Mitchell
• Dennis Wakabayashi
• John Miller
• Shelly Kramer
• Dave Fleet
• Ron Sela
• Tony Wood
• Dom Nicastro
• Wes Yee
• Simon Penson
• Lisa Manyon
• Ashley Faulkes
• Joel Harrison
• Brad Friedman
• Allen Gannett
• Christine Whittemore
• Holger Schulze
• Malinda Wilkinson
• Mike Allton
• Mike Neumeier
• Aubrey Beck
• Daniel Kushner
• Melanie Seibert
• Maryrose Lyons
• Eric Baum
• Susan Tucker
• Francesca Alexander
• Andrea Wahbe
• Rahel Anne Bailie
• Amy Chan
• Ben Matthews
• Nathan Smith
• Jay Perkins
• Maggie Fitzgerald
• Heather Flash
• Paul Pruneau
• Christine Viera
• Mike McGrail
• Donna Moritz

How about you - what do you see trending in 2017?


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