How to Become a Financial Services Trailblazing Thought Leader


What makes someone a “thought leader” today? How can you transform from ho-hum everyday expert into a fast-track financial services trailblazing thought leader? On August 4, Barbara Rozgonyi will present new ways to elevate expertise, advance influence, and map a trail to success for you and your customers. Thanks to McGuffin Mornings for the invitation! Register to become a trailblazing financial services thought leader.

How to Become a Financial Services Trailblazing Thought Leader

The term “thought leader” is losing steam, as it gets dulled and diluted by everyone with a LinkedIn profile and a content calendar deadline​. If​ you think you’ve got all your thought leadership bases covered or need to revive a struggling program, it’s time to think outside the box — way outside, to a whole new dimension of possibility and potential.

In this virtual McGuffin Mornings presentation, digital marketing expert Barbara Rozgonyi will walk you through how financial marketers can change their mindset from constant content-churning to becoming a true thought trailblazer that leaves thought “leaders” running to catch up.

You will learn how to:
– differentiate your brand with a true 4D (digital, direct, dynamic &
data-driven) model
– take thought leadership risks that will pay off
– break old patterns and understand your company’s biases

About Barbara Rozgonyi, Digital Marketing Trailblazing Thought Leader

Barbara Rozgonyi is a nationally recognized digital marketing leader and international speaker. Barbara is the founder of CoryWest Media, an innovative creative consultancy, co-founder of Social Media Club Chicago, founder of – launched in 2006 and recently ranked at #11 in top PR blogs, and avid podcaster. Her podcast Growing Social launched in 2021. Barbara’s work as a digital expert has been featured on, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Crain’s Chicago Business, and more.

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