Community PR: 5 Keys to Creating Continuous Customer Relationships

Your community is a set of concentric circles, beginning with your closet relationships and expanding out as far as your would like to reach.

In plumbing the depths of my experiences archive, I remembered this presentation I created two years ago. Dual cast to a live audience in the room and over the Internet, the presentation covered the five keys to creating your customer community. Here’s the outline . . .

1. Discover who you are and how you relate to your community

Values + Communities = Core Business Values

  • values: how to determine your core values
  • communities: internal, external, vendors
  • business values

What types of communities do you belong to or resonate with?

2. Reveal how your community relates to you

Target x Questions = Answers + an active customer advisory board

  • current target market
  • interview questions
  • evaluating answers

Choose your top ten customers and interview them to find out how your business fits into their lives.

3. Listen to your customers tell your story

  • common vocabulary
  • case studies = successes
  • open lines of communication

Can you tell your story in your customer’s voice?

4. Connect your inner circle of communities

  • who: customers, partners, vendors
  • what: you do for them
  • what: they do for you

How do you fit together?

5. Cascading communications in tiers

  • internal: inside
  • external: outside
  • online: on screens
  • offline: direct
  • in person: face to face

The most effective communication plan delivers consistent messaging to every audience via sequencing to maintain a visible presence in each community.

How do you draw your circles?

Contact Barbara about making this presentation to your organization or community.

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