Communing with Community or Talking Social Media Marketing?

How do you commune with your community?

Recently, a client asked how we develop our social media marketing strategies. Our approach is based upon our Marketing Transformations Process, a 10-step program that results in an accelerated marketing plan. Today, I’m sharing an outline with you to get your input. While this is more of a checkpoint list to get started, I’m thinking about how the layers can morph into real communities.

Social Media Marketing Strategy 20 Step Strategic Marketing Approach

1. Capture the current conversation: tracking trends, Google, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

2. Assess current communications – brand, people and community to inventory what’s existing and can be repurposed via social media

3. Clarify communications, public relations, marketing and sales goals – what do you want to achieve?

4. Identify target talkers and existing communities on established sites – where do your people congregate?

5. Evaluate online social media position – where are you on your future community’s radar?

6. Determine your value – what will you bring to the conversation? How do you fit into your community’s life – information aggregator, problem solver, leader of achievers?

7. How will you contribute? Set interactive communication goals for each audience [we will watch for ________, respond to ___________ and inform about ___________]

8. Select keywords and craft key messages, based on the conversation that’s already going on out there and match them up with your company’s value

9. Design an interactive communications planner by channel, community, frequency, priorities and responsibility

10. Ensure that someone will [always, always, always, always, always] be watching and responsive

11. Automate, without being robotic if possible, across multiple channels

12. Produce and share engaging content that may include: success stories, case studies, white papers, videos, podcasts, surveys

13. Start a group on social media sites that leads into a membership site that gets you closer to your people

14. Be the leader that people want to follow because you are important to them

15. Build relationships with champions, ambassadors and evangelists

16. Be where they can find you – consider advertising on key sites or sponsoring events

17. Measure results and track stats that help you modify your marketing, sales and communications systems

18. Re-Align communications accordingly

19. Shift with your people

20. This point left intentionally open for reader input . . . 

What do you think? Does this draft work? What do you like? What would you change? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our work in progress. And, if you need help with your social media marketing strategies just call 630.207,7530.

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