Indy PR Pitstop: 500, Jones, or a town in Indiana?

indy500leaderhave to admit I’ve been confused more than a few times the past few days about all the “Indy” talk that’s going around.And not just on Twitter, in emails from family, conversations with friends and at events like the showing of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” last weekend in our neighbor’s backyard theater.When I hear “Indy,” the first thing I think of is the town, not the Indy 500 race or an Indian Jones movie. Why?I grew up going to Indy. I’ve lived there. Worked there. Said good-bye to my mother there. Attended weddings, art fairs, and all kinds of celebrations in all kinds of places. Went to the first US Formula One race there.For years, my husband had season tickets to the race. We dressed the kids in black-and-white outfits to wear to the 500 Festival Parade. At one time, in high school, I dreamed about moving into one of the mansions on Meridian Street in Indy just so I could host a black-and-white part on my expansive lawn. But, that didn’t happen. Chicago’s always been good to us so that’s where we’ve stayed. And, “Indy” is always a town first – for me.PR PitstopHow you can tie-in to other definitions, events or even personalities that people associate with you? Is there a way you can associate your company, organization or service with an expert or a celebrity? How can you make a trailer that generates excitement?


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