Bridging the Media Gap Between Bloggers and Journalists

Bloggers, journalists, social media types and PR peers, this post is for you!

On July 20, I had the pleasure of moderating the BBSummit12 panel discussion about how to bridge the media gap.

Thanks to SocialRevUp for giving me permission to share the recording with you.

In it, you’ll hear panelists Nancy Loo, Jen Lee Reeves and Scott Kleinberg discussing their answers to seven questions, including what we can learn from the recent events in Colorado. Here’s the recording, along with the session description and panel bios. Feel free to chime in on the conversation. We’d love to hear from you!

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Social Media Panel

Panel description and bio clips via SocialRevUp.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a disconnection between professional journalism and bloggers who are trying to help tell the story. In this panel, we will explore what bloggers can do to bridge the gap by blogging with integrity and responsibility, and work with the media as allies.

Nancy Loo is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist who’s the newest member of the WGN-TV news team, working mainly on WGN Morning News and WGN Midday News. Prior to joining “Chicago’s Very Own” as a Reporter/Fill-in Anchor in June of 2010, Nancy was an Anchor/Reporter at Fox Chicago. Check her out at Big Tiny World!

As the Chicago Tribune‘s social media specialist in the newsroom, Scott Kleinberg works with reporters and editors to break news via social media, share the paper’s content and livetweet events. He also works on special projects. Scott crafted the social media presence for RedEye in 2008 before moving up to the Tribune in 2011.

Jen Lee Reeves is passionate about social media and advocacy. In the journalism world, she manages KOMU-TV8‘s online properties and teaches new media at the Missouri School of Journalism. She helped found the SMC Mid-MO and is currently Vice President. Reeves is also a self-described “mom advocate” at Born Just Right where she shares stories and lessons as a parent of a child who was born with a physical difference.

How to Bridge the Blogger and Journalist Media Gap Questions

In the recording, you’ll hear the panel answering these questions. How would you answer them?

  1. Take us behind the scenes. What really goes on in the newsroom? How has it changed in the last two years?
  1. Let’s move into the online space. How would you describe the gap between traditional [professional journalism] and social media [bloggers/online publishers]?
  1. Do bloggers and journalists have the same rules? FTC, opinions, boundaries, etc.
  1. What can they learn from each other?
  1. What does it mean to blog/write/cover a story with integrity and responsibility?
  1. What tips do you have for bloggers who want to connect with journalists?
  1. How do you see journalists and bloggers working together as allies?

After checking with MJ and the panelists, we agreed that we would focus the question “What is News?” on the event in Colorado. Each panelist offered a way that we can learn from it.

A correction: In the recording, I mentioned John Lennon’s leather coat from the year 1975. The correct year is 1955, 55 years ago, and you can see it on the fifth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago.

Image: Acting prop-erly with MJ Tam, Scott Kleinberg, Nancy Loo, Jen Lee Reeves and Beth Rosen at BBSummit12.

Disclosure: As as a speaker, I received a complimentary BBSummit12 conference ticket, meals and overnight accommodations. Thanks to MJ Tam and Social RevUp for asking me to moderate the media gap panel. For more BBSumm12 coverage, check out notes on the brands and blogger panel discussion.

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