Four Frequently Committed Social Media Sins Add Yours

cathedral-stained-glass-barbara-rozgonyi-copyright-brozgophIt’s true confession time.

What social media sin do you love to call out or hate to commit?

Thanks to Scott Kleinberg, Chicago Tribune’s social media specialist, for getting us started with his list of four frequently committed social media sins.

On July 20, I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion about bridging the media gap at BBSummit. One of three panelists, Scott sent this list over to share.

At the event, number four got the most attention. Which one resonates with you?

Four Frequenlty Committed Social Media Sins

1. Blasting 100 tweets that say the exact same thing with only the name of the person switched out. When someone checks your feed and sees this, they assume it’s spam and your message isn’t received.

2. Not being social. Social media cannot be a one-way street. You have to answer questions and contribute to the conversation to be noticed and to stand out among the crowd.

3. Your bio is either not filled out or says nothing about you. I don’t follow anyone without a bio and I think many of us do the same. Don’t let the lack of a few words blow your chance.

4. Being one-sided, not following the rule of thirds:
1/3 of the time, post about you or your brand.
1/3 of the time, post about what you know/love, but use another source.
1/3 of the time, be yourself.

My most frequently committed social media sin is

Reading and not replying. Too often, I scroll through networks, or read blog posts, writing responses in my head all along the way. Before I type them in, I move on to read more updates without ever posting the intended response. For me, it helps to be mindful of the need to be in active participant mode, rather than relaxed spectator mode.

To be in the game, you need to have a sport, teammates and a goal. If you’re on the sidelines, you don’t accomplish much. Since you’re reading this post, I invite you to leave a comment or share the link with your social networks.

How about you – What social media sin do you love to call out or hate to commit?

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