15 Ways to Share the Summer of 2012 So it Lasts

It’s August already. Summer is slipping away.

But don’t let this supposedly slow time of year fool you.

It may seem like 80% of the world is out of the office, but the truth is that it’s business as usual for reporters, Facebook friends, twitter followers and LinkedIn connections.

So why not have some fun sharing your last bits of the dog days of summer?

15 Ways to Share the Summer of 2012

1. Ice cream

What are you eating or wish you were? You can share a picture or partner with a local ice cream shop and send out coupons for free scoops to your sweetest customers.

2. Baseball

Join your team’s community conversation online so the team, and other fans, will get to know you.

3. Sunglasses

Show us the shades you’re wearing in your profile pictures.

4. Grilling

Have a favorite recipe? Share it on your blog and ask others to contribute theirs to a summer recipe collection you can offer as a free download.

5. Beverages

When I tweeted about a matcha drink, a tea company sent a recommendation. Watch the cheers come in as you toast on twitter.

6. Back to school

How can you educate your customers in an ebook?

7. Vacation

Is your town a tourist destination? Offer travel planning trips. Or, if you just got back from a marvelous vacation, post your itinerary on a travel social network.

8. Golf

Do your customers like to golf? Help them out with links to tips or a review of your favorite course in your newsletter.

9. Gardens

Whether you’re growing roses or radishes, snap a few quick pictures and upload them via instagram.

10. Events

Going to a concert? Show your followers what they were missing with a YouTube clip.

11. Visitors

Who stopped by? Take a series of photos for a summer album on Google+.

12. Collections

Seashells, rocks or refrigerator magnets? Pin your collection, and add to it, on Pinterest.

13. Movies

Takeaway the message and post it as a review on your blog

14. FUN!!!!

Was it the roller coaster, the concert in the park or your family reunion that stands out as a highlight of the summer of 2012? Publish a vacation scropbook on flickr.

15. Fall previews

Let the media know about events coming up in September in a news release that goes out, in you guessed it, August.

When you share your summer of 2012 moments, you’ll have fun and more importantly, your followers, fans and connections will get to know more about who you are and what you do.

Your turn . . . what will you remember most about the summer of 2012? How will you or did you share your highlights?

Image Credit: Barbara Rozgonyi c2011 from the Summer in the Door County Collection.

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