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Getting on the List: Ranking as an Expert

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media

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Being on the right list boosts your credibility and positions you in a league of experts. And, it’s simple to get on one. How do you get on the A-list? Read this article for ways to get on lists that matter. You’ll find out how to search for lists, start you own and become a sought-after expert. 

How to Get on A-List That Matters

Look for lists you’d like to be on.

What list matches your preferred profile? What do you want to be the best at? What has the most relevance and impact on your client base? Thinking about the biggest benefit you bring to your clients is one place to start.

Being in a local business publication’s business directory usually only requires completing a simple online form. Researching who’s on their list and then Googling your competition gives you insights into who’s who in your category.

Joining an professional association requires paying a membership fee, but you’re automatically on their list. Before you send in your dues, ask yourself if the membership has relevancy and meaning to your clients.

Many lists report results on a monthly basis. Monitor your place on the list and make adjustments to improve your performance in your chosen categories.

Launch Your Own List

Of course, you’re on this one. But, you don’t have to be. Grouping the top producers, thinkers or traffic-attractors online is a way to build a success resource list. Look at your who’s who and draw common parallels.

How did they get where they are? Ask them. Interview people on the list and then report on their successes. Package it up as a top secret report. Publicize your findings in a news release and on your blog. Give your recipients a copy of the news release and link to their blog.

Be on the lookout for trends and watch who’s with it. Then, contact them to let them know you’re working on a trend-setters list and you’d like them to be on it. You’ll connect with visionary leaders who will most likely be impressed and flattered that you noticed.

Make a List of Your Lists

Keep track of where you rank and why. Add your list mentions to you bio, your site and write about them on your blog. Make sure you send out a news release with every announcement to let the media and search engines know about your rankings. As you accumulate mentions, your credibility will blossom into highly sought-after expertise.

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