Dove Ad Adds Up to Viral Marketing Millions

Ad Age’s article, Marketers’ Websites Outdraw Those of Major Media Players, by Jack Neff is on the most emailed-list. While the article itself covers lots of ground, these two paragraphs stuck out for me:

“Highest in consumer acceptance
Of all options for influencing the online influencers, brand websites rank highest both in consumer acceptance and marketer control, he said. But most brands still don’t fully capitalize on their websites, he added, by offering video, blogs or other elements of online communities.

More traditional mass marketers are coming to understand how profitable their web visitors are, said Norm LeHoullier, who recently retired as managing director of WPP Group’s G2 Interactive. He said a study by McKinsey & Co. for one package-goods brand G2 handled showed that while its website reached only 800,000 consumers annually, they were generating $40 in profit on average, compared with $5 for consumers reached by traditional media.”

Okay, so it’s a fact. You can make more money online – especially if you use video. 

According to the article, Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty viral video has logged over 3 million views since it launched in October. That’s just viewers. If you count all the conversations offline – and all the people that read email comments online – this ad is sure to have touched at least 10 xs the number of viewers. Now that’s viral marketing.  

Haven’t seen Dove Evolution yet? Here it is . . .


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