Memorial Day Weekend Marketing and PR Projects

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

If you’re like me, with three days off, there’s always a smidge of time to squeeze in a project.

Whether it’s baking a batch of decadent brownies with 20 ounces of chocolate, tossing up an arugula and strawberry salad, power washing your patio, taking the family to see Men in Black 3 or buffing up your business, it’s nice to wake up on Tuesday knowing that you’ve accomplished something over the holiday weekend.

What do you have planned?

This year I don’t plan to be quite as productive as the year I completely remade my website in 36 hours. But, I do have a list of small tasks to squeeze in here and there. Who knows? I might even find time to pin some cool stuff up on Pinterest.

Are you looking for ideas for weekend marketing and PR projects?

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of 13 most marketable actions. Feel free to browse it for inspiration and ideas.

Compiling this list was how I entered GKIC Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs “Marketer of the Month” contest. Thanks so much to Steve Sipress for producing the video and to the members for watching my presentation.

I’d kind of forgotten that the video was up on YouTube until I went to the May meeting. When one of my tablemates mentioned that he liked and used one of the ideas, I thought maybe you might find something worth trying out, too.

Need more weekend project marketing and PR ideas?

Brush up with the PR PRIMER. Check out 10 ways to become a subject matter expert on LinkedIn. Test out your small business super hero powers. Read coverage from the Successful Online Business Conference and get ideas on how to develop your purpose and pivot when you need to.

Wishing you a safe, happy and relaxing Memorial Day weekend – with a bit of productivity tossed in!!

Image: Wasabi Arugula from Trader Joe’s with strawberries by Barbara Rozgonyi

What do you plan to accomplish over the weekend?

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