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Now that Armand Morin’s announced Big Seminar 9, my blog is starting to pull traffic for this Big Seminar 8 preview post.

Note that this time I’m not offering a $500 scholarship. Even with that draw, it’s hard to compete against the major players who have bigger lists. Typically, they either offer nothing or an outrageously generous bonus.


Here’s my take on the next Big Seminar. . .

Go to Armand Morin’s Big Seminar page, opt in and the first video testimonial you’ll see is from . . . me. Yes, me.

But I don’t want you to opt in to see me. I want you to enter your first name and your primary email address to read one of the best sales letters on the Internet and to see how Armand uses audio, copy, music, images, graphics and video. As Armand says, “Success leaves traces.” And, success is written all over these pages.

At Big Seminar 8 last October, Armand gave us the opportunity to record a video testiomonial. I was really nervous, but the person right behind me said I did really well.

How did my video testimonial make it to the number one spot? I’m guessing it’s because I come across as enthusiastic, my story is compelling [yes, it’s all true] and my call to action at the end is really strong.

Now. . . will I be there? I’m thinking about it. There’s another seminar closer to home the same weekend.

If you’re thinking about it – don’t. Just sign up. Last year at this time I read Armand’s Big Seminar 7 sales letter, won a sizable scholarship from Rick Raddatz and stayed home because my youngest son was getting his black belt that weekend. After all, my business profits paid for the program. I had to support my own investment – and celebrate a bit.

When I promoted Big Seminar 8 last October, I got an affiliate commission for every sale. Will I get a commission this time? I don’t know.

The links you see in this post will take you to Big Seminar via my affilate link. I have to be honest . . . I got this link as an AM2Gold member. In the video, I mention my membership, which transitioned from AM2Gold to Armand’s new program, AM2.0. A few months ago, I suspended my $497 monthly AM2Gold membership.

Why? I’ll get to that in a minute. . .here’s my take on what AM2.0 membership can do for someone who’s serious about internet marketing.

As an AM2.0 member, you’ll find Armand gives away enough information to start a massive enterprise and then connects you with your very own mastermind group that’s guaranteed to have more than a few full-fledged internet marketing experts who can show you shortcuts that save thousands of dollars and who knows how much time. The people you meet can not just open doors, but they can also build super highways for your products – in one phone call.

In terms of connections and opportunities, AM2.0 is one of the internet’s most exclusive premier membership programs. You’ll probably have the opportunity to join AM2.0 while you’re at Big Seminar. Plan on staying over the following Monday if you think this is the right group for you. It was for me, for six months, until the time I felt I needed to commit to being a valued mastermind teammate shrunk due to pressing projects and other priorities. Once you step out, it’s hard to get back in. Next time, I’ll check out the reentry guidelines before I join another membership group.

If you do go to Big Seminar, be prepared to buy at least one program from one speaker at somewhere between $900 and $1800. I regret not buying Jim Edwards’ video package last year, but I knew it would distract me from other goals. He suggested I buy it and become an affiliate, which is the best way to make a profit on any purchase. So, keep that good advice in mind.

Maybe the best reason to go to Big Seminar is to meet other people. When I read the Big Seminar 7 sales letter about this time last year, I didn’t believe that I’d really get to meet anyone. After to going so many corporate events, I couldn’t imagine that much mixing. Now I know that if I go back, I’ll see many familiar faces. People really are friendly, especially if you have a project or product you need help promoting. Like most other groups, you’ll get more out of your experience if you’re a doer with a track record – even it’s offline.

When I told my former corporate contacts about Big Seminar, every one asked me about the sponsoring organization. They were so impressed, they wanted to know what group[s] organized the event. “It’s just one guy,” I said. One guy? Well, make that one guy who’s out there to do everything he can to make your success happen while you’re there.
Best wishes for another sold-out Big Seminar, Armand!armand_morin_and_barbara_rozgonyi.jpg


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