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2009 Media Resource: Blogs, Social Networking, Newspapers, Magazines

BurrellesLuce recently released a report on the top 2009 media outlets, including comparisons to past rankings. Grab your copy of the two-page BurrellesLuce’s 2009 “Top Daily Newspapers, Blogs, and Consumer Magazines & Social Networks.” Note that you will have to enter name and email address in exchange for the information. Each list is based on […]


BlogWord08 | State of the Blogosphere | Twitter Updates

Interested in what happened at BlogWorld? During the sessions, I sent out what amounted to a 15 page Word document, which added up to over 300 updates. This post covers the state of the blogosphere address & opening keynote with Chris Alden, Anil Dash and Richard Jalichandra who previewed Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report. You’ll […]