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Social Networking Personality Advice for Authentic Bobcats

Online you can be anyone you want to be. Not that you should, but you can. While we would never, ever recommend our clients create even a slightly fictitious persona, some people can and do make things up every day in real life and online. Over the weekend, I watched a rerun of this Saturday […]



Peter Shankman in Chicago on PR, Social Media Rules

Peter Shankman visited Chicago this week and I was there! Now this is one guy I’ve always wanted to meet. I’m a fan of HARO [], more stats on that later, and Peter’s brilliance in general. Although most people associate Peter with HARO, did you know he’s also the author of Can We Do That?! […]

Online PR for Do It Yourself Types

Rather than print out pages of handouts, I’m posting my Digital PR workshop materials here for the world to enjoy. First, we’ll talk about how to become your own publicist using the PR P-R-I-M-E-R Next, we’ll go over the Digital PR=Publicity Repositioned presentation. Rozgonyi Publicity Repositioned Final View more presentations from CoryWest Media, LLC. Then, […]