Viral Marketing 2007 | Email, Video, Audio Make the List

Marketing Sherpa’s Special Report: Viral Marketing 2007 gives insights into how experienced viral marketers think.

Marketing Sherpa is a leading resource for marketing knowledge, case studies and forward thinking about what’s working in marketing today. Reports like this one get posted online for a limited open access period before they go on sale online. After reading the report, I chose these excerpts to share with you.

According to the report,

“They [experienced viral marketers] see growing their email list and viral as a very good match of a tactic/goal.
They [experienced viral marketers] are much less likely to use viral for attempts at direct sales and see it as a better tool for branding/awareness.80% of marketers say viral builds awareness — with ‘very experienced’ players leading the numbers. That group also says ‘growing email list’ is the second-best reason with lead generation in third. On the other hand, ‘somewhat experienced’ players say lead generation (27%) is the best way to use viral tactics with branding in second (23%) and site traffic third (19%).”

Viral Marketers’ Planned Campaigns and Tests for 2007, in order of popularity:

– encouraging email forwarding

– tell-a-friend boxes on site [sweeps, coupons, etc.]

– video clips

– cool microsites [not your own URL or brand]

– online games/quizzes/polls

– audio clips

– offering e-cards

In all, the report presents 15 charts that cover everything from high impact introductions [blogsphere mentions lead the pack] to estimated price ranges by tactic. For example, the results say that $5,000 is the estimated expense for a video clip campaign.

My advice? Test out a few low-cost, low-risk viral marketing tactics before investing thousands. And, focus on the goal of lead-generation instead of sales.

Three to try . . .

Encouraging email forwarding is as simple as adding a call to action in your email message. Keep in mind that people will forward messages they like that appeal to their need for more information, entertainment or curiosity.

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