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“Suggestion: change butterfly for a picture of bees. Bees provide value, they share, move pollen from one place to another. You are a bee.”  Feedback from my presentation this morning to Naperville Chamber of Commerce Women in Business

This post is a recap of our collective experience. Were you there? Please leave a comment so we can continue our conversation.


One of the joys of having this space is being able to use it as a platform to share my real world experiences. Really, I don’t think I do enough of that often enough. So, here’s a start.

This morning I spoke to Naperville Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Group about social media.

Expecting to see 70 or so people, registration rose to 111 – one of their best-attended events. Although I’ve ramped my speaking back up lately, most of the groups I talk to are on the smallish side. As the room filled, I started to get a little nervous.

Yes, I knew my speech. Friends were coming [thanks to Terre Haute of Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors, a friend-former client, and Vickie Austin of Choices Worldwide – scroll down to see Vickie’s video], but hmmm. . . . this would be one of the biggest group I’d ever addressed. Or was it? Of course not – Social Media Club Chicago events are bigger, but I’m not the key presenter.

Talking to people as they entered the room, I felt like I had more friends in the audience and more questions to answer in my presentation.

Like all of my presentations, this one includes my photography. The butterfly image pops up after I talk about the rules of social networking, one of them is SHARE. [A few years ago, my business website featured butterflies. Ni-Gas uses one of my butterfly images in their campaigns and District 41 featured a butterfly image on its annual report.]


Chris Brogan’s always captivating presentations gave me the idea to insert random images – like this one of a squirrel at Lake Ellyn. I tied it in by saying squirrels are gatherers and today we’ll be gathering information. Thanks to the squirrel for holding an acorn, which I didn’t see when I took the picture.

Here’s my presentation

Twitter Says Hello to Naperville Chamber

Thanks to my friends for saying hello via twitter – with only 30 minutes to cover the entire world of social media, I didn’t get to share the greetings live so I’m including them here. To follow them on twitter, click on their name and you’ll go to their site.

Questions from Women in Business about Social Media Marketing and Networking

Lines form after speakers talk – here are the questions that came up.

Q. How do I find social networking communities?

A. Think about where your people will be and find them. Search groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Search terms on twitter. Enter ________ + community or ___________ + forum on Google to find them.

Q. We’re scared to go out there.

A. This one comes from a place where I can absolutely guarantee that their fans will LOVE to interact on social networks. How do I know? We created a “why we love our ____ campaign” that raised internal morale, boosted public awareness and snagged some very good press. [Hint and call to action: beloved institutions – get out there! Need someone to hold your mouse? Call me- 630.207.7530]

Q. Should I use my picture in my social networking profiles?

A. Yes, you’re beautiful. And if you think you’re not, visit a makeup stylist, make an appointment with your favorite hair stylist and get a professional photographer to take a variety of pictures that you change up and change out.

Q. How do you find time to know all of those people?

A. Depends on what you mean by “know them.” Every single person is important, but every single interaction isn’t relevant. That’s why having a strategy is so important.

Q. Which social media networking site is best and where do I start?

A. Developing a strong LinkedIn profile with meaningful connections will give you confidence and a spring board. You want to listen to conversations people are having about you-your business-or your industry, go where they are and then start talking to them.

Q. Where can I find out more about social media and BtoB marketing?

A. Watch this video of Social Media Club Chicago’s BtoB panel.

Q. When is Community Media Workshop’s Non-Profit conference?

A. Making Media Connections 2009 is June 9-11 with @coloneltribune as a keynote. I’m on the “New Tools or Toys? Social Networking!” for nonprofits panel.

Q: How can I polish my LinkedIn profile?

A. My most read article, “The Top 20 Ways to Quickly Become a Subject Matter Expert Using LinkedIn” is a good place to start.

Q. How do I register for your Naperville Chamber Women in Business workshop?

A. On May 27, I’ll conduct a hands-on social networking for success workshop. Hope to see you there!

Special Thanks to . . .

Mary Shur of Allstate, Naperville Chamber Women in Business for asking me to speak

Lisa Livingston and Courtney Whitman, Naperville Chamber of Commerce for making it so easy to be a speaker

Brenda Schiszik of Lette’r Rip in Naperville for taking pictures

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About the bees or butterflies and social media

Your turn: Is it better to be a bee or a butterfly in social media marketing and networking?

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