LinkedIn Turns Seven PR Profile Resources

Today is LinkedIn’s seventh anniversary!

When did you sign up for LinkedIn? I joined LinkedIn on May 23, 2005.

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Your LinkedIn profile gives you automatic access to the world’s largest professional online network.

Latest LinkedIn Facts
LinkedIn has over 65 million members in over 200 countries.
A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second
Half of LinkedIn’s members are outside the U.S.

Seven LinkedIn PR Resources for You

1. LinkedIn PR Top 10 Ways to Become a Subject Matter Expert

2. LinkedIn Webinar for Office Depot’s Web Cafe

3. How to Answer LinkedIn Questions

4. LinkedIn 101 – How to Create Business for Your Business Presentation

5. Social Media Workshop for Entrepreneurs with a Guide to LinkedIn

6. Social Media Club Chicago on LinkedIn

7. LinkedIn PR Ecourse: Leveraging your Profile into a Powerful Network

LinkedIn PR 7 Day Ecourse

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How has LinkedIn helped you grow your business?

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