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On April 11, I attended my first Chicago Moms Blog live event. Produced by Silicon Valley Moms and sponsored by Chevy, contributors to Chicago Moms Blog convened to discuss brands and blogs. Held at Hard Rock Hotel, a brands meet blogs reception followed the almost two hour discussion. Thanks to MJ Tam for organizing a spectacular event.

The Silicon Valley Moms Group is criss-crossing the nation, partnering with fantastic sponsors to host events during which our writers and sponsors can network. In conjunction with these gatherings, we host Twitter parties for our readers with special giveaways. As well, we are always adding to our 2010 Sponsor Guide; keep checking it for new coupon codes and offers from the companies that help to bring you the SV Moms Group of blogs! from SV Moms Chevy Sponsor Guide

As a mom, Chicago Moms Blog writer, branding consultant, PR blogger, professional writer, author, speaker and founder of Social Media Club Chicago, I found the conversation fascinating.

What I confirmed: it’s about valuing the relationships.

Both sides want to the relationship to last for more than a two paragraph review. But, you have to find the right match. And, each side has to get the right balance of value, attention and reward. For example, brands might offer bloggers a link from their site, behind the scenes tours, exclusive information or coverage on their site – in addition to compensation for posts and promotions throughout the blogger’s social network.

[Yes – I am open to being a brand-sponsored blogger/consultant.]

This is a conversation I look forward to continuing with my newfound Chicago Moms Blog connections – and my consulting clients. For more in-depth coverage, check out Chicago Moms Blog Brand Blogger Meetup Recap.

Could moms who blog be the new major media? What do you think?

With my Chicago Moms Blogs buddies: Beth Rosen, Duong Sheahan, Nancy Loo, MJ Tam,Connie Burke-Chevy, me and Jill Ascher, Silicon Valley Moms Blog founder. View more images on the svmomschevy Chicago Event flickr set.

About the stuff. . .

I came home with so much stuff I needed a valet. A friend suggested I do a video blog, and that is a good idea, but my 15 year old unpacked too fast. Here’s a quick overview of a few of the 16 or brands represented. If your brand is missing, feel free to add a comment about how the event worked for you. Interviewing each brand about how they interact with bloggers is a possible future post series.

Garretts Popcorn
Small sample bags, which get consumed in, literally, seconds by my high school sons. Garrett ships, which makes a great business gift. I love cheese/carmel mix.

Thanks to Chevy for being the major sponsor and for the plantable tree with seeds. Chevy is a familiar brand at BlogHer events and it’s good to see them keeping a high profile here in Chicago. Chevy Missions, a newer initiative, helps non-profit organizations.

iGo Charge Anywhere
Did you know that vampire power sucks? Vampire power is what you pay for when your electronic devices are plugged in, but not turned on. iGo has a wall tower for that. The iGo Charge Anywhere is a portal device with interchangeable tips to power up all of your devices with one unit. If you’re like me, you have chargers coming out of drawers, walls and backpacks. Here’s a way to clean the cords and consolidate charging.

ebay classifieds

You don’t have to set up auctions on ebay to sell things. You can run free classified ads. Local businesses can use them to advertise services or job openings.

Babies The Movie
Premiering on Mother’s Day, this movie tells the story of four babies. The first time I saw the trailer in the movies around the holidays, I loved the concept: track the development of infants in four diverse cultures and locations. Each blogger got a DVD press kit and information about the film, simplifying the review process and adding details. I like this approach.

Wow! This company arranges some gorgeous gifts. Each blogger got to choose one to take home – I went with the chocolate.

Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger
Who doesn’t need more rechargeable batteries? The Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger features a slow charge rate, which extends the number of life cycles, charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, and is ENERGY STAR®-certified. My kids liked the countdown clock that displays how much charging time remains.

What a cool home computer! Here’s a clip from a recent review.

The first thing you notice is the hardware. It’s distinctly unlike any laptop you’ve seen. While Apple, Microsoft, HP and HTC’s industrial designs are abundant with sharp corners and monochrome color pallettes to evoke a futuristic feel, litl attempts to create a different impression—that of an analog appliance. And I mean that in the best way possible, from its smooth curves and pastel colors to the asymmetry of its two halves and the materials used, the litl’s physical form is both unique and wholly memorable. Source:

Want one? Take $100 off at


Thanks – so much! – to my friends Dawn Burtuca and Tina Bishop for letting me and my goodies ride home with them.

SV Moms Chevy Brand and Bloggers Meet Up Chicago Images
Silicon Valley Moms Blog Chicago Event Gallery on Lahleyoo by Eulalio Fabie de Silva
SV Moms Chevy Chicago via

Full Disclosure

This post is an event recap and an introduction to products I think Wired PR Works readers would like to know more about. This is not a product review or an endorsement post. All companies mentioned sponsored or exhibited at the event. All products were given to me with no expectations or review requirements. Food and drinks, as well as free parking and coat check, were provided.

Tell us about your take on bloggers and brands . . .

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