Long-Term Relationships for Bloggers and Brands BlogHer13


Bloggers and brands work so well together – especially when there’s a long-term relationship. Tips and ideas on how to make it happen. This is one is a series of BlogHer13 posts.

Many of my blogger friends are active brand ambassadors with contracts that range from writing a few posts to traveling around the world to being on an advisory board.

In this session, we talked about how to get paid to represent a brand. One of my favorite assignments was being a member of Sears Blue Blogger Crew at CES. I got paid to cover the show!

Long-Term Relationships for Bloggers and Brands BlogHer13

Because I’m interested in representing and working with more brands, I thought this session would be a good fit for me – and my readers. Here’s what I learned. For a complete long-term relationships for bloggers and brands session transcript, visit the BlogHer site.

Thanks to these speakers for sharing their tips and insights:

Kristin Hylek @khylek6 McDonald’s PR team, Leah Ingram,  blogger at SuddenlyFrugal.com; Stephanie Hua, blogger at LickMySpoon.com; and Missy Maher, director of modern family foresight at Edelman. 

Get on TV – NOW

Start pitching yourself to local TV shows as an expert.

Send stations a best of TV highlight reel that shows your appearances. Use a wipe edit to go from scene to scene.

Know Your Message Points

Look in your local market for lifestyle morning shows and newscasts with lifestyle oriented segments. Send new ideas every month. Build relationships with the TV station. Work with PR people who are good at coming up with story ideas and can help you build your platform.

When you’re working with the brand, think about where you could pitch a product-oriented segment. Find a way to create segments that are interesting. These ideas will also give you content and help you build your portfolio.

Pitch local magazines to sharpen your positioning as a local expert.

[I would also add local newspapers. On site like Patch, you can post an article with your viewpoint that positions you as an expert. You may be selected to be featured on the main page. You can also pitch yourself as a columnist. Everyone loves reading an answers column and they’re easy to write. I used to write the Sales Exchange column for a statewide association.]

How will brands find you? You’ll need a long-term strategy that mixes SEO, social media and PR.

On your blog,  put up a work with me page where you are personal, but professional. You want to highlight everything you do. If you’re a photographer, link to your portfolio on 500px or the site you use.

It all comes down to celebrating what you do. 

Many brands want to work with regular people regardless of size, color or age. As long as you make yourself relevant, and you know how to present yourself professionally, you can be attractive to brands.

How do I get on “The List?”

Everybody wants to know the answer to this question. Reach out to brands and agencies. They are always there and ready to care. A brand wants to work with someone who’s similar to them. They also look for reach and influence. Big brands look for big numbers.

If you’d like to work with a brand, start commenting and contributing on their Facebook page.

Do some homework and see what other people are doing and see if you can match it. If you’re just getting started, you may want to give a little more and work with a smaller brand.

Create an infographic with a media kit where you can put testimonials and quotes from your readers.

Keep building yourself and putting yourself out there. Build influence and reach to be attractive.

Let’s Talk More!

Do you work with brands – or bloggers? What’s your biggest question about how to take the relationship from one event to a long-term relationship?


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