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Lucky enough to get on TV? Congratulations! Most segments are short so you’ll want to have talking points or key messages that you’ll be sure to convey.

Today, one of our clients was on TV. Well, not really. The guest who appeared on their behalf demonstrated a fall recipe. Given that the 180 second segment was more about how to saute, puree and serve than anything else, we prepared a quick list of six or so important messages. How many got mentioned? Maybe one or two. But that’s okay. Why? Because the station’s site links to our event and promotes it long after the on-air segment is over.

Here’s how to make the most of your 180 seconds of on-air TV time:

– submit photos to go along with your segment and add your logo or website as a watermark or border to let viewers know where to go

– mention your website or blog at least once and spell it out to avoid confusion

– give the station a “slide” or image to use with important information, including your contact number and web address

– practice with someone before you go on, ask them to ask you question; videotape your test run and analyze it for appearance, messages and timing

– email suggested questions or highlights to the producer so that the host will have a guide on what to ask

– look at the host and speak with them as a person; focus your attention on them and not the camera

– add a link to the coverage on your site or blog to let your readers know about your appearance

– request a clip to use online before you go on and find out how you can use it in compliance with the station’s replay rights

– add the appearance to your promotional materials so that the media knows you’re not only experienced, but you are an expert!

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