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Social Media for Global Good

Last night, Social Media Club Chicago met up with attendees in town for TN2020, an international summit hosted by The British Council. Pictured here: Oli Barrett our emcee, Barbara Rozgonyi and Andrew Kneale of The British Council. Attendees heard perspectives from a variety of viewpoints, including NASA, Ireland, Epic Fu, […]

UnGeeked Elite Speak on Social Media Marketing PR

UnGeeked – what is it and who is it? Before you say “Wait – don’t tell me,” check out the UnGeeked Elite Video Channel at the bottom of this post. Thirteen people talk about what UnGeeked means to them. We got sort of a prelude in Chicago at “Using Social […]

Taking Flight with Twitter 2842 times

“Twitter has a place in business. Twitter combines two of this year’s hottest Internet marketing trends — real time updates and local search – into one simple, concise update box.” excerpt from “Taking Flight with Twitter” article, viewed – as of today – 2842 times according to The Business Ledger. […]