WordPress 3.0 Highlights Thelonius Monk

Done. In a click of a link, this blog is now running on WordPress 3.0

Named in honor of Thelonius Monk and released today, WordPress 3.0 follows WordPress 2.9 named after Carmen McCrae. What comes packed in the new version? Here’s a quick roundup of highlights and a video. Please share links and insights so that we can all upgrade and learn together.WordPress 3.0 Update Highlights

Multi-site Functionality Merges Individual and MU versions
“The most important change with WordPress 3.0 (the ‘Thelonious’ release) is the merge of the individual and multiple-user (MU) versions. The new functionality, called multi-site, will allow blog administrators to manage one or any number of blogs from one install.” via InformationWeek.com

2010 Default Them
“Starting with Version 3.0, the Twenty Ten theme became the default (and fallback) theme. As described in 2010: A Theme Odyssey, the Twenty Ten theme serves as a good example theme that includes new theme-based features, and looks nice on a public site. Twenty Ten is a community-developed theme. Up to Version 2.9.2, the default theme was the Kubrick theme and was housed in the wp-content/themes/default folder. The Twenty Ten theme is housed in the wp-content/themes/twentyten folder and is the only theme in the WordPress distribution.” via codex.wordpress.org

WordPress 3.0 Custom Posts and Menu Management via Mashable

“You might even want to turn your WordPress site into something more like Tumblr. This will be easy to do in WordPress 3.0 simply by creating custom post types for Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, and Video. Menu management is one of the most exciting and talked about features in WordPress 3.0. This feature gives you full control over your site’s navigation menus.”

218 Contributors
WordPress 3.0 has just arrived on the scene — the thirteenth major release of the popular blogging software. It’s the result of six months of work from a total of 218 different contributors. via Mashable

Image from The Essential Thelonius Monk

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