Social Media Marketing Webinar Replay via MeetingBurner


Earlier today I gave away a secret ROI ingredient and now I’m giving away something I’ve never seen any other marketer reveal: webinar stats. Maybe that’s because they haven’t used MeetingBurner yet.

When I heard Mari Smith recommend this webinar technology during her Facebook changes presentation, I wanted to test it out.

It was easy to use. Although I couldn’t get my webcam to work, and that was okay, I was able to conduct a webinar with only 10 minutes or so of training. This included persuading one of my teenagers to log on and watch a two minute test run.

You can see here that the MeetingBurner webinar system tells you how many people were on the call, where they’re located and what the “temperature” was.

In this case the hot point was when we went live to a LinkedIn search. The low point was when I talked about book marketing. Content came from questions submitted by newsletter subscribers and social networking connections. The simple slide show I put together contained one question per slide.

By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how people found their way here. One person first listened to a LinkedIn webinar I did for Office Depot Web Cafe last year.

Marketing My First Free Social Media Webinar

In all, it took me about an hour to write two emails to wiredPRworks subscribers and send them out. Sounds simple, but this was milestone for me.

Why? Way back in June 2006, I started sending out a weekly message. About a year ago, I dropped off the schedule and let an automated system send out a weekly update with links to blog posts. Personal messages were few and far between.

I hesitated to send out two messages to a list that may have forgotten about me. What would they think? Would they stay or would they go?

A half dozen people opted out. Three people marked the first message as spam. And, I removed a few people that I knew may not want be on the list. They’re more friends than marketing connections who signed up a few years ago.

The real upside? All the personal communication that came back. It’s so rewarding to be able to help people. Maybe I’ll share the emails I sent out in another post.

If you’re not a subscriber and you’d like to go behind the scenes, here’s your invitation to join the wiredPRworks community.

Hey Reader: What’s your biggest question about social media marketing? Would you like to participate in a monthly webinar like this one? 

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