#GivingTuesday Ideas for NonProfit Fundraising

givingtuesday-ideas-training-barbararozgonyi#GivingTuesday is on November 29, 2016. Charities and nonprofit fundraising communities from around the world will unite to celebrate generosity, share stories and raise awareness about important causes.

Tell us: How did you participate in 2015? What did you learn? What will do differently in 2016?

#GivingTuesday Ideas for NonProfit Fundraising

Here’s a timeline you can use to keep your plan on track. Own a business? Check out these #givingTuesday ideas for small business.

  1. Decide

Begin by liking Giving Tuesday on Facebook and following @GivingTues on twitter. Download the #GivingTuesday toolkit.

  1. Strategize

Here at CoryWest Media, we use a WIRED strategy map: Words/messages, Intentions/goals, Routes/relationships, Experiences/stories and Design in 3D: digital, direct and dynamic.

  1. Recruit

Form a #GivingTuesday team with responsibilities for planning, partnerships, sponsors, communications, volunteers and logistics.

  1. Partner

Focus on partnerships with corporations that match funds as well as other charities that want to combine to be part of a bigger effort.

  1. Create

Get creative! Brainstorm “all good” ideas to come up with a campaign to capture attention, convey emotion, and encourage sharing on social media.

  1. Start

Let your supporters know that your nonprofit has #GivingTuesday plans and let them know where to tell stories, and donate, online.

  1. Influence

Who’s the who’s who in your circle? Seek out the noisy newsmakers and key ambassadors. Then, contact them to let them know about your campaign and ask for their support.

  1. Invite

Gather momentum by inviting everyone to put November 29 on their calendar as a day to take a specific action.

  1. Fuel

Communicate and countdown with ways to share campaign news. You can set up a #GivingTuesday landing page with tools like #unselfie templates, images and videos to share, and links to donation page[s].

  1. Grow!!

Now that the seeds are planted and watered, watch how they grow. Measure meaningful stats like new contributors, social shares, visits to websites, hashtag reach and, of course, donations. You can post your results to your followers and add some lift to your year-end fund drive.



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