Podcast Marketing PR Master Class Outlines WIRED Podcast Growth Strategy

There’s a huge market for podcasting, but how can podcasters grow their audience with so much competition? With 43 million episodes to download, engaging with listeners is more important than ever. And, podcasts are growing – fast. According to The Infinite Dial report, 75% of Americans are familiar with podcasting and 55% have listened to a podcast; total listeners is up 37.5% in only three years. Podcasters can learn from the best at Podfest Master Class: The Art and Science of Podcasting Explained. Barbara Rozgonyi will present a Podcast Marketing PR Master Class case study with strategies for growing podcasts. The event opens with a pre-week for beginning podcasters May 3-7. Sessions on May 10-13 are geared for growing podcasts. For more information and to register, visit https://podfestglobal.online/ Use code GrowingSocialNow to save $99 / get a comp ticket.

Podcast Marketing PR Master Class for Podcasters

“Podfest Master Class is an extension of Podfest Multimedia Expo, a global community of people who are interested in and passionate about sharing their voice and message with the world through the powerful mediums of audio and video. We’re proud to unite as many people as possible to learn, get inspired, and grow better together,” said Andrew Weiss of Podfest Expo, which was founded by Chris Krimitsos in 2013.

2021 Podfest Master Class Tracks

Podcasters of all levels can join these sessions online.
Creating and Launch
Technology and Innovation
Audience Growth
Monetization and Marketing
YouTube and Video
Networking and Social

At Podfest Global 2021, Barbara presented on Branding and Influence for podcasters. “As a frequent podcast guest and podcast producer, I’m excited to learn, grow, and share a podcasting marketing PR case study with ideas and strategies at Podfest Masterclass,” Barbara Rozgonyi, CEO CoryWest Media

Power Up Your Podcast Marketing with WIRED PR Energy,” the podcast marketing PR master class case study Barbara will share, is based on results from her Podfest Global PR in February. Podcaster will learn how easy it is to pop to the top of Google to attract more traffic, visibility, and listeners.

A veteran producer of two podcast shows and a featured guest on many, Barbara Rozgonyi’s latest podcast, Growing Social Now, is in production.

About Barbara Rozgonyi CEO, CoryWest Media

Barbara Rozgonyi is an audacious storyteller, courageous coach, and empowering speaker who loves to inspire people and companies to fly as fast – and as fearlessly – as they can. The founder of CoryWest Media and Social Media Club Chicago, Barbara is an influential digital strategist, an award-winning blogger, international speaker, and an author in two best-selling “Success Secrets of the Superstars” series books, published by Entrepreneur Press. In 2006 Barbara launched wiredPRworks.com, a top 50 marketing/PR blog. An established thought leader on the future of business trends, Barbara is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, a Certified Virtual Speaker, and the co-host of Social Media Talks in the Social Media Club Global Clubhouse. To interview Barbara about marketing, social media, virtual events, PR, or podcasting, email hello@barbararozgonyi.com.

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