Podcast 360: A Deep Dive Into the Growing Podcasting Market


Are you a podcaster or a podcast advertiser looking for podcasting marketing insights? MRC Data recently launched the first-ever Podcast 360 report, an in-depth look at consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and preferences for engaging with podcasts, as well as other audio content such as music, radio and audiobooks. Collected via online surveys in February and March 2021, the results come from 2,013 podcast listeners.

Download yours here. https://www.billboard.com/p/podcast-360-a-deep-dive-into-the-growing-market/

Podcast 360: Podcast Market Highlights

Despite niche engagement, podcasts see big spend potential

Audio Listeners: 69% music, 61% radio, 31% podcasta, 21% meditation/mindfulness, 12% audiobooks

Podcast Hosts – Heads Up on Motivation for Listening and Podcast Revenue Opportunities

  1. To be entertained
  2. To learn more about a topic
  3. To learn something new
  4. To stay informed

Top Podcast Genres

34% News & Politics

33% Comedy

29% Entertainment

29% Educational

28% True Crime

26% Society & Culture

24% Sports

Podcast Hosts Have the Power to Influence Listening and Spending

77% of Podcast Listeners agree that “Host personality is important to me in deciding which podcasts to listen to”

66% of Pocket Listeners are more likely to listen a podcast if it is recommended or promoted by a podcast they already enjoy

42% trust ads more when the podcast host recommend the product or service

Podcast Advertising is Welcome and Enjoyed When Relevant

87% of Podcast listeners hear advertising during their podcast shows

77% agree podcasts ads are acceptable as log as I’m able to listen to podcasts for free

56% agree I would like ads that are more tailored d to the products or services I would actually buy

What podcasts do you listen to?

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