Digital Marketing Workshop Chicago


On July 29 and 30, I’ll be teaching an immersive two-day digital marketing workshop.

Thanks to the Ascend Training team for inviting me to present this program! Join us in the training room on Michigan Avenue or online.

Digital Marketing and Branding Workshop in Chicago


Take control of your online presence! Immediately upgrade your skills and achieve a much greater understanding of your digital marketing and branding potential. Taught in a quick-start format online at Ascend Training, this class is ideal for those who want to advance their branding, content marketing and social media skills. As you learn, you’ll immediately upgrade your skills, update your career options, and increase contributions to your company. Taught by Barbara Rozgonyi, co-founder of Social Media Club Chicago and CEO of CoryWest Media. You will immediately benefit from Barbara’s engaging and interactive “hands on, fear free” teaching style that’s geared to guide you to start making progress on day one.

LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, basic working knowledge of social media


Do your customers see you as the company or person you think you are? Find out how to define your business and personal branding style with values and messaging that keep you – and your clients – focused. Get ready for an extreme marketing makeover:

Conduct a 360 Marketing Audit that pinpoints where to improve
Design a “Marketing Makeover” that builds your brand and business
7 ways to get started with branding for your company and personally
Why you need PR more than ever and why PR is really Personality + Reputation
Define your business and personal branding with focused and stylized messaging
Shaping your brand’s reputation
Promote your business and amplify your message across communication channels:
Public Relations and Social Media
Print and Digital Advertising
Mobile: Smartphones and Tablets
Project your style and protect your reputation
Ensuring your brand tells a story to maintain connections and community
Managing your online reputation
Bringing your brand alive at virtual and live events
Why customer experience is more important than customer services


Competing in 3D: Directly, Digitally and Dynamically
Design a customer-focused marketing plan that integrates directly to your customer’s community
Upgrading and enhancing your company’s image with more effective customer communications
Creating a marketing plan to increase trust, loyalty, and sales
Keeping a dynamic network growing and making direct connections
Developing an action plan for successful networking online and IRL
Getting WIRED to get results as you save time and ad dollars
How blogging fits into a content marketing strategy
Ways to use WordPress to promote events
Adding direct marketing principles to all content, visual and text, for better conversion
How SEO works to get you in front of search engines and people
Writing tips to help you make the most of the only thing people really read


Discovering which one of dozens of platforms is right for your company
Building the foundation of a comprehensive social media marketing plan
Visualizing social media strategies through Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, SnapChat and Meerkat.
Facebook for Business: Creative approaches to Facebook postings and advertising for results
Event Marketing: 5 Ways social media keeps your events alive long after they’re over
Twitter: Send successful messages to attract flocks of followers
Understanding the new well-informed, multi-generation media-savvy audience
The most common mistakes in social media – don’t make them!
Translating social media into increased sales, leads and more web traffic
Measuring social media success with the right tools
Spying on the competition without them seeing you
Managing your community relations


Unlocking the Secrets of LinkedIn Success – no matter what level you are now
Top 10 ways to quickly stand out as a leader on LinkedIn
Understanding how LinkedIN increases credibility and connects with communities
How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility
Successfully navigating LinkedIn’s latest layout
Effectively manage your privacy and communication settings
How to target and interact with people, groups, and companies on LinkedIn
Staying in front of your audience and positioning yourself and your company as the industry expert
Establishing relationships with your target audience
Using LinkedIn for successful lead generation
Integrating design into LinkedIn profile and company pages
21 Point LinkedIn Profile Success Checklist

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