20 Ways to Add LinkedIn Network Connections


You know they’re out there, but where do you find them? Them = people you want to connect with. Connections = network. Network = opportunity.

[Here’s an invitation to be on my A-list.]

On LinkedIn, you can start by importing your email address book and sending invitations only to people you know. If enough people click on “I don’t this person,” your ability to add connections may be limited.

To shape your network’s regional and industry access, you can check your network statistics in the contacts section. Then, search for new people to connect within the areas where you’d like to grow, and invite them to join your professional network.

To send an invitation from a profile, click on add this “person to my network.” LinkedIn will ask you how you know this person. You can send a standard greeting, but adding a personal touch only takes an extra minute or two and improves chances of your invitation being accepted.

21 Ways to Get Connected on LinkedIn by Sending Invitations to

1. Contacts in your email address book

2. Colleagues – former and current

3. Classmates – former and current

4. Group members

5. Business contacts

6. Twitter followers

7. Facebook friends

8. Email recipients, include LinkedIn in the signature

9. Friends and family

10. People you may know as suggested by LinkedIn

11. Networking contacts

12. Conference speakers and attendees

13. New prospects

14. People found using LinkedIn’s search toolbar

15. Key people on company sites

16. Professional or trade association colleagues

17. Bloggers you like

18. Real life contacts

19. Chamber of Commerce associates

20. LIONs [LinkedIn Open Networkers] who agree to accept invitations

Image: SOBCon opening party hosted by SMC Chicago copyright Phoebe Svoboda for thesociallens.com

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How about YOU? Where do you find people to connect with?

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