Facebook Social Graph Interview With WDCB Radio

zuckWhat do you think about Facebook’s social graph? Want to know what the new search tool could mean to you and your business?

Here’s my interview with radio station WDCB, Chicagoland’s Choice for Jazz, News and More. Thanks so much to news director Gary Zidek for asking great questions!!!

Image: screen capture from Mark Zuckerberg’s January 15 press conference via cnet.com.

There was a lot of speculation surrounding Facebook’s big announcement Tuesday. The social media giant didn’t unveil a new phone, but it did introduce a new search tool that could have larger implications for ad revenue in the future. WDCB News Reporter Gary Zidek spoke with Chicago-area social media expert Barbara Rozgonyi about the announcement.

Try Facebook Graph Search Beta

Facebook’s Graph Search information site includes videos, a preview and an invitation to sign up for Facebook Graph Search Beta. I signed up, have you?

Have questions or want to talk more about Facebook Graph Search? Let’s meet up in the comments box!


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