Customer Appreciation Seminar Photos

You may also find these in the photo album, but since I’m into an optimal user experience, I’m loading them in a post as well with a bit more background.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero of Red Hot Copy and Jenny Hamby, The Seminar Marketing Pro.  Lorrie’s a real-life gorgeous redhead who is so sweet and gracious in person. Jenny’s a professional colleague from years back. She writes dazzling copy – I know because I’ve hired her for my clients.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Armand Morin, co-host . Armand’s a brilliant marketer, but you know that, don’t you? Did you know he’s a genuinely funny guy that likes to talk about his days as a vacuum cleaner salesman? Even my kids crack up at his stories.


Dave Lakhani, author and founder of Bold Approach with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. Dave’s book Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want is on my recommended reading list. His PR presentation with Zydeco music and Mardi Gras beads was one of the most lively at the event.


Joel Bauer, Persuasionist and Infotainer with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. What can I say? If there was a crowd in the "corridors of opportunity" as Joel calls the hallways, we knew he was doing magic, telling jokes or tossing off infinite insights to a  captivated crowd. This guy kept coming back, working around family events, to be with us. Talk about unrestricted access – he even gave me some tips on how to enhance communication in our public schools.


David Hancock, publisher and founder of Morgan James Publishing with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. David is on everyone’s want to meet list. Why? Because he likes to hear about the book you want to write. He’s the guy that will publish it. His interest in my ideas boosted my confidence big time.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Martin Howey, CEO of  TopLine Business Solutions. Martin’s a guy that teaches people how to run their business. He wasn’t presenting, but his story still made it on stage. I was impressed by his persistence and accomplishments.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Tom and Diane Pauley of Rich Dreams and Jenny Hamby, The Seminar Marketing Pro. If you want to know how to get what you want in life, you have to read Tom’s book. Written with his daughter, Penelope, it outlines a simply beautiful way to ask so you shall receive. Diane later interviewed me for her new series.


Declan Dunn, Dunn Direct Group with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. Although I spent more time talking to Declan’s partner Jody about their work in China and her tailor there, I thought Declan’s down-to-earth and earnest presentation hit home – you need to have fun, make money and do good. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Alex Mandossian, creator of Teleseminar Secrets Here I am with the King. Meeting Alex was a highlight for me. As a student in Teleseminar Secrets, he inspired me to stretch so far I that sometimes I thought I would snap.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media, Kevin Nations, the Six Figure Sales Coach and Jenny Hamby, The Seminar Marketing Pro. Spending some time with Kevin gave me a whole new perspective on the sales process. Setting goals, huge ones, is all part of a day’s work for Kevin and his clients.

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